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Getting out big

Written by Elysia Everett | Published on:

Getting out and experiencing life; the harder it is, the less we do it.  But then when we do find ourselves seated comfortably experiencing great music or enjoying the vibe of our neighborhood local... It's so good!  I want it to be easier to find those places.  I want there to be more of those places.  Because getting out with friends, finding a special coffee place tucked away somewhere you hadn't noticed...this is the stuff of life. And if you look, there's always a place wanting to welcome you. 

My wish for all of us is that when we find these special places, we mark the spot in FLM to pay it forward for the next person who can go. 

Have you found places where it feels great to be yourself...where the business welcomes you with comfortable, sturdy seating, and the staff is accommodating and respectful?  Do you know a hairdresser with styling chairs friendly to people of size?  Rate that place!  Let the business know you felt welcome, and let your friends know, too! Use hashtag #friendlylikeme on social media to say, "this place was Friendly, to people like me."

At FLM, size accessibility is our thing.  Join in at https://www.friendlylikeme.com


P.S.  Here's an example of a real FLM review.  No stars, no likes...just the facts.  We are BIG on specifics at Friendly.



Help us make size accessibility a priority.  Get started!